Here We Grow Again!

Here We Grow Again!

If I don’t post to my blog today, I will have only have done so twice this year, back in January. I’ve done a fair amount of writing this year, for myself and some for pay, but I’ve not posted to my blog with any regularity.

As it turns out, blogging about parenting is a challenge. It can be repetitive because parenting can be a ho-hum experience when it isn’t a pain in the ass. There! I said it!

Parenthood. At best, it’s magical. At worst, it’s an exhausting drag. Blogging about it can make one look like an ungrateful ass. “Today little Jimmy had a tantrum in the store.” How many times can I write about what a jerk my kid can be without me looking like the jerk in question? Are we allowed to call our kids jerks? If not, why? I also refer to him as a “precious gift from heaven.”

This fall brought some new material. My son, who is not named Jimmy, started kindergarten and with that new adventure has come more material for Papa to use in his writing. If only Papa would sit down and crank out a few essays, or even a few paragraphs.

I’ve decided to use this space for writing that is not always dedicated to parenting. Under the banner of “Papa Says So” I intend to broaden the scope a little and include writing and topics that might fall outside the purview of papa-ness while still entertaining “all y’all”.

Writers write. That’s what I’m going to do. Follow along if you’d like.

Papa Says So is a dad blog written by Casey Cavalier, a California native living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.