Going, going, gone

Going, going, gone

I am stingy when it comes to getting rid of certain clothing and baby gear. I don’t know why.

I’m not that sentimental about the things my toddler outgrows. I have no intention on saving piles of things he used to wear and play with. I don’t have the patience or the space. I have no fantasies about him handing down his clothing to his own children in 25 years. I do, however, save items that have been handmade for him. If someone took the time and effort to craft something specifically for him, the least I can do is save the handmade items for Eddie to decide what to do with when he is older.

I don’t know why I cling to certain items. When it’s time for him to move on to a new size of clothing or get rid of older toys, I become a miser of sorts. I have no problem gathering most of the clothes that are too-small, putting them in a big bag and taking them to the woman’s shelter or some other local charity. That is, unless it is something nice, or expensive, or one of my personal favorites.

When that’s the case, I tend to hoard items and drag my feet. At first I thought I was being judgmental, thinking that people who rely on donated clothing from charity organizations don’t need Ralph Lauren sweaters. But, that’s not it. It doesn’t hurt me to get rid of clothing, so it shouldn’t matter what brand of clothing it is? I think I just have my favorites.

There are clothes that I think look really smart on my son. Maybe I am playing a game of dress up, but I love it when he looks extra cute and dressed up. People notice these things. I suppose that’s important to me and that I am transferring my own values onto my little person. I’m certainly not the first to do this.

There’s really no point in it, though. He has already entered a total boy phase and refuses to wear anything that is not comfortable. He will only wear tennis shoes, despite the fact that he owns a couple pair of tan suede bucks.

As a solution, I’ve taken to giving the preferred items to friends with younger boys. They’ll have a good home, I assure myself. They will get passed down to other kids when the time comes, I say.

Everyone has character quirks. Perhaps I have more than my share. But, I think I will always pause before loading treasured clothes and toys into a garbage bag and dropping them off at a thrift store. There. I’ve said it. Maybe I am sentimental.

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