Eddie knows all

Eddie knows all

My five year-old son often shares information that is new to him. He relays well known facts as if he invented them. He assumes we know nothing and that his role is to educate us. Even if I am sitting next to my husband and I tell Eddie that we are having roasted chicken for dinner, he will turn to my husband (who clearly heard me) and say “Daddy, we’re having roasted chicken for dinner.” He likes to be the voice of authority.

Recently Eddie has started watching “Ellen’s Game of Games“.  One of the game show’s segments includes the gay anthem “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls (1983).  So, Eddie came into the living room one evening to teach me a new song. “Papa! This is a song from Ellen’s game show”, he announces.

I assumed he would belt out a Justin Timberlake song. Ellen loves Justin. But, I nearly fell out of my chair when Eddie started singing “It’s Raining Men”. Sure, he’s got two dads so maybe he needs to be vaguely familiar with gay culture. But, his believing that he was teaching me a new song was hysterical to say the least. If he only knew.

I’ve actually heard the song live. Not purposefully, but The Weathergirls once played a gig at a gay bar in Sacramento and I was there.

It’s the gayest of songs. There are plenty of gay anthems from the disco era, but “It’s Raining Men” takes the cake. It may also be the worst music video known to mankind (posted above). Although in 1983, it could have been cutting edge. I was not “out” yet. So, I don’t know.

Eddie likes his own music. He doesn’t just listen to what we listen to. He likes Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and a variety of other artists. He even has his own playlist on my iPhone, which he sometimes insists on listening to when we drive to or from school.

I’m praying he doesn’t request to add “It’s Raining  Men” to his playlist. As much as I appreciate the song’s place in gay history, I don’t want to hear it at 8 o’clock in the morning.

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