Casey Cavalier is a writer with a film industry background. He’s dabbled in print journalism and editing. His work has appeared in The Dallas Morning News,, and elsewhere online. Casey is a gay, married, stay-at-home dad with an energetic three year-old son. He was raised in Santa Barbara, California and now lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Why I write

Why do I write about parenting? Why expose my life to scrutiny? It’s my intent to present an unvarnished view of parenthood and life. I realize putting my son’s (and husband’s) name and image out into the world could be problematic. But, online privacy is a myth and the benefits outweigh potential issues. Telling our story is the only way to overcome adversity, bias and preconceptions about modern families like ours.

Media Kit

Please contact me via the Connect tab on this site regarding your campaign and potential product reviews. All reviews and sponsored posts are noted with full disclosure information, explaining that I have received goods or services in exchange for my opinion. I look forward to talking with you and possibly working with your brand. As we progress, I will provide a full media kit.